Choose Joomla CMS for a Cost Effective E-Business Solution

An open source content management system such as Joomla can prove to be the best and most cost-effective tool for your e-business solution. It is a top content management system present today and not even Drupal and WordPress can compare to the flexibility and power of Joomla. Almost no technical skill is needed to manage and build a Joomla site. With over 3,000 extensions, free components, an online community, modules and plug-ins, it is most popular among website designers. Anyone can manage a Joomla site and what more it is absolutely free.

Though anybody can use Joomla and for free and develop a site but because every business has its individual needs, it is very important to develop a site that is user friendly and fulfills all your business requirements and that is the reason why proper consultation is required before developing a customized Joomla powered website. Hire Joomla developers India to develop a cost effective e- commerce site to attain utmost profit at lowest costs. CMS experts understand every technique needed to turn your ordinary website into a customized website and make it more user friendly and as per the search engine guidelines.

They apply proper meta tag descriptions, user centric keywords and user friendly content and make your website your online source of success. In addition, a well-known Joomla Development Company also has the knowledge and proficiency to build a website by a variety of promotion techniques that increases the confidence of the visitors and persuades them to turn into a customer.

The finest way to get most benefits out of your e-commerce website is to outsource Joomla development projects. There are numerous Joomla developers India that offer best Joomla development India services that can save the additional amount and develop an e-commerce site that meets all your company requirements. Choose open source CMS for a cost effective E-business solution and get maximum benefits to fulfill business goals and meet customer needs.

Why the Blackberry Bold 9700 Mobile Phone is the Perfect Portable Business Solution

Online business are becoming more and more common these days, and more and more people are starting to wonder if the BlackBerry Bold 9700 mobile phone is the best solution. Many of these new business owners are being thrown into a completely different world because they lost their job and have run out of a way to put food on the table. A mobile phone like the Blackberry Bold is the perfect communications solution for them when they are on the go.

While the monthly plan may not be very cheap, it is a much better option than having to carry a laptop and air card around to talk and answer emails. Just about everyone already has a mobile phone plan of some sort, so upgrading the phone and adding some features to the plan will not be that big of a deal.

The Blackberry Bold is a top of the line Blackberry mobile phone that is offered via contract through AT&T. In order to have this phone, the user must have a data plan added to their normal minutes plan. Because it is a Smartphone, the data plan structure is a little different, but there are more features available for the user. For the most part, a person can expect to spend about $120 a month for their contract and have a mobile phone that has all the bells and whistles included.

Now that we have the money issue settled, it is time to talk about why this phone is such a cheap business solution for the online business owner. First of all, the phone has about every feature imaginable. However, the best feature is its ability to answer emails with ease on the full QWERTY keyboard. The keys are large enough that just about anyone can become proficient typing out messages. Watch someone that has had one for a while and they can probably type as quick on their Blackberry as most people can on their computer.

The Blackberry Bold also has incredible video streaming capabilities. While earlier versions of the phone were adequate, they simply do not compare to the features of this phone. This means that the business owner will literally have access to just about any site available on the Web, not just mobile sites. We have all suffered through the frustration of waiting what seemed like forever for a download only to be told that the site was not available. That will never happen with this phone.

These are some of the basic features of the phone, but there is so much more to the Blackberry Bold than the few features mentioned here. Word processing, video streaming, picture taking, applications and anything else you can think of make up what is arguably the best mobile phone on the market today. Everyone else can have their Droids and iPhones, I’m sticking with my Blackberry!

Improving Your Nonprofit Auction Using eBay Business Solutions

Auctions have long been a staple in the toolkit of nonprofit development professionals. The emergence of ubiquitous online access have made online auctions an excellent vehicle for nonprofits and charities to raise funds while engaging stakeholders and other constituencies in their causes. eBay, the leader platform for online auctions also provides a number of offerings for running nonprofit auctions. Running a charity auction on eBay is simple, but getting the most from your efforts involves developing a strategy and understanding the ins and outs of eBay. Luckily eBay provides lots of information on how to be successful using their services.

If managing a professional eBay operation is your goal, as opposed to just auctioning a few items off for some extra cash, you need to use the eBay business solutions that are available to you. Because eBay’s success depends on the success of its sellers, they strive to help you at every turn. eBay BusinessSolutions is the key to starting an eBay business.

eBay Stores is one of the better solutions for eBay business owners. An eBay store will allow you to list multiple quantities of the same item, and allow you to keep them listed for longer time periods. eBay Store owners also enjoy lower auction fees, and have access to advanced merchandising tools. Eventually, you should consider upgrading to an eBay Pro Store, which will allow you to customize your storefront with your own brand and web address.

There are many other eBay Business Solutions, such as seller tools, the eBay solutions directory, and the merchant solution center, but you should definitely start with your very own eBay store, followed by an eBay Pro Store.


Did you know that there are alternatives to eBay for nonprofit auctions?

In addition to eBay, other vendors offer vehicles for nonprofits to run fundraising auctions. CMarket – offers services emphasizing the importance of bidders, donors and sponsors, and their respective roles in a successful auction. Their Website is a valuable source of fundraising auction tips.